À La Carte

The Blue Apron Restaurant

To Start.

Soupe du Jour 6€.


The Blue Apron Irish Crab Brulee, Aged Parmesan Crisp, Pickled Cucumber 10€.


    Blue Apron Duck Liver Parfait,Caramelised Red Onion, Mango Chutney,Melba Toast 9€.


Pan Fried King Prawns, Cod Croquettes, Lime Pickle Mayo 10.5€.


Pan Fried King Scallops, Prawn Toast, Petite Salade 13.5€.(Main Course 24€).


Blue Apron Garlic Mushrooms, Cream Cheese & Garlic Stuffing, Basil Aioli 8,5€.


Smoked Bacon & Stilton Croquettes, Waldorf Salad, Red Pepper Aioli 8,5€.


Blue Apron Poached Spiced Pear & Cashel Blue Salad, Apple Cider Vinaigrette, Candied Pecan Nuts, Pear Crisps 8,5€.



To Follow..

The Blue Apron  Crispy Pecan Chicken, Shallot Tarte Tatin, Bourbon Cream, Candied Pecan Nuts.21€.


Honey & Thyme Glazed Barbary Duck Breast, Plum Danish, Orange & Cardamom Reduction, Morello Cherries 24€.


Pan Fried Roulade of Salmon, Creamy Rice with Lemon & Sautéed Leek, Dill & Chardonnay Velouté 23€.


10 oz Dry Aged Grennan's Rib Eye, Crispy Onion Rings, Mushroom Roll, Maris Piper Fries (Treacle & Blue Cheese Butter or Garlic Butter or Peppercorn Cream) 27,5€.


(8 oz FILLET  28€)(6 oz FILLET 25.5€)

(Surf & Turf 6 oz Fillet with Tiger Prawns 29.5€.)


Slow Roasted Shoulder of Grennan's Lamb, Garlic Potatoes, Buttered Savoy Cabbage, Roast Garlic & Rosemary jus 24€.  (RACK OF LAMB 27€).


Pan Fried Monk-fish, Parma Ham, Roast Red Pepper Ketchup, Lime & Curry Cream 24€.


Grennan's  Braised Pulled Pork, Apple Sauce,Whole Grain Mustard Cream 19€.


All Main Courses Served with One of the Following:

 Creamy Mash Potato or Maris Piper Chips or Roast Carrot with Rosemary or Steamed Broccoli with Burned Butter.

(Vegetarian Menu Available upon Request)


Fries 3€, Saute Onion & Mushroom 4€, Side Salad 4€, Onion Rings 4€     

Sweet potato fries 4€ Ratatouille 4€ Garlic Potato 4€ Parmesan Fries 5€.